THE HIRED MAN (season '16-'17 and '17-'18)

About Love, Revenge and French Lessons 

His highly appreciated solo theatre debut with "Never Nothing" in 2014,

came very late in Johan Terryn's career. B

ut he didn't keep us waiting long for a second performance called

"The Hired Man".

Again, he serves a grotesque and cabaretesque style and tells a

tragi-comical story about the impossibility of a love relationship

and the stubbornness of our communication.

In the meanwhile he deals with who's inventing strange proverbs,

what women like to communicate with their haircut

and how well organised crime is.


Humor, poetry, raw reality observation and an immersive plot are never far

away when Johan Terryn begins to tell his story. 


Actress Veerle Dobbelaere:

"The first reading that Johan gave of "The Hired Man" took my breath from the beginning

till the end. Not only is it a wonderfully exciting and unusual witty narrative, it also takes you into the head

of a special man. Your view on love will no longer be the same.

Johan brings it with a heartbreaking lightness. "


Comedian Thomas Smith:

“Particularly nice show full of funny insights and a plot ending 'The Sixth Sense' worthy.

In addition, my knowledge of French has greatly increased."


Johan Terryn himself:

"I like to laugh with the things that really hurt, but are also so recognisable for many of us. Our characters that become visible when we have to cope with major events in life. Laughing and moving, that's what I like to do with my tragi-comical narratives. Poetical moments alternate with raw reality observations. A bunch of contradictions, as real life is too ... " 

#DeIngehuurdeMan @johanterryn 

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Written and performed by: Johan Terryn // Acting coach: Veerle Dobbelaere // Photo: Liesbet Peremans // Production: Pretpraters

NEVER NOTHING (season '14-'15 and '15-'16)

In the early morning a confused man appears on the heathland. He rediscovers the company that he had lost. The mix of his thoughts and anecdotes reveals what he just experienced. A story about the things that are not said, and how they can strangle you. A nightmare about invisible carrots and the power of circulation pumps.


After a debut on the improvisation stages, Johan Terryn has been

on radio and television for more than 20 years.

With this grotesque and tragi-comical solo performance he returned

in 2013 to the stage. Smarter and wittier than ever.

Trailer (in Dutch)

Never Nothing

Reactions on the opening night

(in Dutch)

Never Nothing


Never Nothing

Written and performed by: Johan Terryn // Design and technique: Manu Van Heuckelom and Johan Terryn // Photo: Liesbet Peremans // Costume: Café Costume // Thanks for coaching: Tanya Hermssen, Bart Klein, Tom Lenaerts, Michiel Devlieger, Wim Helsen and Peter De Graef // Tour planning:

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