I have always challenged myself to do extraordinary things. Whether it was improvising, or hosting live on radio and TV, whether shooting a documentary in a country with a military regime. Whether hosting in German or playing solo as an actor : I always had to overcome myself and then win over the audience. I've always known: I do not fit in one box. And also: people are able to achieve the things they really want to achieve.


As a certified NLP & Professional coach, I guide people who want to achieve a goal, who have to deliver extraordinary performances or make unusual choices. In that, I specialise as a creativity coach on the careers, creative blocks and other challenges that arise from the will and urge to create.

Whether it's artists, writers, inventors, television professionals or other creative entrepreneurs, people who do not fit in one box and want to have a purpose in life, can feel the need for coaching to accomplish their personal story.


As a media trainer, I train and coach a number of TV hosts on the main Flemish broadcasters, but also entrepreneurs who want to learn to speak in front of an audience and / or camera.

I work on three layers:

Skills you require to address an audience or camera, 

Storytelling, making your story clear and accessible,

Authenticity and self-confidence.

Do you want to be coached ? Or do you want media training? Please write down your question and I will contact you as soon as possible.

Bericht ontvangen!

"I was thrown into the deep, for the hosting of Belgium's Got Talent. I couldn't have dreamt a better coach.

Together we searched for a way to be myself on camera, for the words and tone of voice I could use and still feel Laura.

It was so nice to be coached personally. To know there's always someone there, next to the camera, feels really really safe."



(singer and tv host on private broadcaster: vtm)