"Once upon a time... there was a 6 year old boy who climbed on the window sill, used the curtains as a theatre cloth and concealed his own story. "

As a child, I already felt the sense and the need to move people: the laughter and the tears.

Storytelling. Developing stories. I've been doing it for over 20 years in my TV and theatre work.

 During my studies, English & Dutch Language & Literature (UAntwerpen) and Communication Sciences (UGent), I played as an improvisation actor at the Belgian Improvisation League. Thus I ended up in the legendary improshow "Onvoorziene Omstandigheden" on the public broadcaster VRT. 

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Radio and TV

It was a notable debut and almost immediately an exceptional media adventure on Radio and TV began.

My personal highlights include the children's program "Voeten Vegen!" and the summer program "Camping Casablanca" on Radio 1.

But also "Groot Licht" on Ketnet and KRO, which I wrote and hosted (afterwards even in German on ZDF). And of course my own TV concepts "Het Stapsalon", "Blinde Vinken" and "De Rederijkers" for Canvas can be included in that list. Like my docu series "Wildcard: Tanzania" and "Wildcard: Myanmar" on the same channel.

At private broadcaster vtm, I was an actor for two years to play the lead in "Rupel" and hosted "Het Zesde Zintuig". More often I work on TV level behind the scenes as a content provider and as a media coach for screen talent. A complete overview of this can be found when you click this button :





As a result of my need to create and tell stories, I found my way back to the theatre where I wrote and played my solo performances "Never Nothing" and "The Hired Man". A playlist and pictures can be found, just click this button :




“I can do it, because I never did it."

This is Pippi Longstocking talking and I always highly valuated her logics. 

The drive to try out brought me more than the fear to fail.

I believe that people are able to achieve the things they really want to achieve. And i feel the drive to let them lift themselves up. That's why I became a certified NLP & Professional coach.

I guide people to find resilience in life and work.

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Master Germanic Philology, Dutch-English-Theater Science (UAntwerpen)


Complementary Business Administration (UAntwerpen)


Master Communication Science (UGent)


NLP Practitioner (YourCoach)


ROOT & GROW, The Training and Coaching Square


Portuguese, Level 1 (Linguapolis)